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Stage 1: Love and Sin

Stage One--Love, Sin, and Separation

God is a perfect Trinity who created the universe and humans to display and experience his love and power. He wanted to have an intimate friendship with humans—his children—and he wanted them to have perfect community with each other.

But humans gave in to the prideful temptation of becoming like God. Our hearts became corrupted and disconnected from God. We lost the ability to love God, love others, love ourselves, and live truly good lives. We became infected with guilt, shame, and rebellion. In others words, we fell and became sinners. And now our hearts have a big hole where God should be. We try to fill it with other things, but we can’t find peace, truth, meaning, value, freedom, or love.

But God still desires to be close to us. He values us and wants to make us whole.

The gospel is God’s invitation to unite with you. But you must first believe that you really are a sinner—that you do not love God and others as you should. All of us fall short of this standard. Also, your sins separate you from God, and you need him to rescue you.

God will not force you to accept his gospel and be with him. If you reject him, then you will spend eternity away from him. This is hell, and you will be trapped in misery and unhappiness forever.

Prayer confessing that you are convicted that you are a sinner

God, I realize you created me to love you and love others. I confess that I do not do this as I should. I have dishonored you by not letting you be Lord of my life. I have been selfish in my relationships with others, and I have hurt others. I know I have pride, anger, and unbelief. I try to satisfy myself with other pleasures instead of with you. I confess the other sins you have convicted me of: (Tell God all the sins you are aware of.) I know I am separated from you, and I need you to rescue me. Please lead me to salvation.
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