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Stage 2: The Cross

Stage Two--The Story of God Saving His People

After the fall humans became more and more corrupt. But God did not give up on them. He still loved them greatly, and he devised a plan to bring them back to himself. He chose a man named Abraham and promised to bless all people through him. Later, he gave to a man named Moses, one of Abraham’s descendants, commands to guide people in how to love God and love others.

But Abraham’s descendants continually turned away from God. When they did God sent other nations to conquer them so they would turn back to him. This cycle repeated several times.

Later, he promised one of the kings of Abraham’s descendants, David, that he would give him a never-ending kingdom. God also promised through prophets that he would give them a Messiah to save them.

But the people continued to turn away from God, and he allowed several more nations to conquer them. It looked like God’s plan to reunite with humans was not working.

During the Roman occupation in the first century AD,a Jew from Nazareth named Jesus began teaching that the kingdom of God had finally come. He taught that we should love all people, even our enemies. We should forgive those who hurt us. We should help the needy and give to others. We should not focus on wealth or being popular with everyone.

Jesus was a living example of his own teaching. He loved all who came to him, even the people society had rejected. He did great miracles and healed many people out of his love for them. He promised peace and joy to all who would follow him. He declared that he was the Way, the truth,and the life. He was the Messiah promised by the Jewish prophets centuries earlier.

But the Jewish leaders were jealous of Jesus’ popularity. So they had him crucified. But he rose from the dead! He appeared to his followers, then ascended into heaven.

Jesus died on the cross for your sins. He took your place. I Corinthians 15:3 states that Christ died for our sins. You don’t have to earn your way to God; he offers it as a gift. And by his resurrection, he defeated death and offers you new life. This is the incredible good news. Now he invites you to become his follower by repenting of your old life, believing, and surrendering to him.

He not only invites the broken, the lost, the needy, the lonely, the abused, and the rejected, but he also invites all who desire God. He values you and wants to heal your shame and your pain. He offers the gift of forgiveness of sins and a new life with God. He offers peace, satisfaction, truth, meaning, joy, and abundant life deep inside. And he offers a community of love for all eternity.

Prayer of openness to the gospel

God, I open my heart to you and ask you to plant the truth about your Son there. Help me to know that your Son died for my sins. Thank you for proving your love for me through the cross. I am open to becoming a follower of Jesus.

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