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3. Repentance

Stage 3--Repentance: Turning from Your Old Life

Now you have the opportunity to respond to all God has done, especially Jesus’ life and death on the cross. He is giving you an invitation. He wants to give you a new eternal life of peace and joy and meaning, but first you must decide whether you want to follow his Son. You can begin to follow Jesus by repenting of your old life, believing in Jesus’ message of salvation, and surrendering your life to him.

But following him is not the same as admiring him. Many people admire Jesus but don’t actually follow him. He wants to give you so much, but he can’t unless you decide to follow his teachings and his example.

Before you decide to begin to follow Jesus, you need to take time to consider what he is asking of you. Perhaps you said a prayer for salvation in the past, but nothing changed in your life. Maybe the problem was that you did not take time to seriously consider repentance, belief, and surrender.

Repentance is the first step. It means turning away from your old life. Repentance begins with sorrow for your sins.

Turning away from your old life is part of the cost of following Jesus. Consider this cost before you decide to follow him.

Repentance includes turning away from all the ways in which you do not love God and love others. This includes turning away from pride, selfishness, dishonesty, materialism, indulging lusts, and unkindness. And it means letting go of being in charge of your own life. It does not mean you have to stop sinning; that is impossible. Instead, it means you turn away and come to Jesus just as you are and ask him to help you replace your sins with love.

Prayer of actual repentance

God, I don’t want my old life, and I am turning away from it. I now choose against all my old ways. They include (list ones you are aware of), and I am no longer trusting in them. I am turning away from being boss of my own life. I am a sinner and am coming to you to make me clean. I am changing directions to follow your road to restoration of love and community with you and others.

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