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4. Belief

Stage 4--Belief: Accepting the Truth for Yourself

The next step toward salvation is belief. God wants to speak to your heart and help you believe the gospel, the good news. But you have to keep your heart open to him so you can hear. Be sure to listen with your heart as well as with your mind.

If you are not open to God, it might be because you have a grudge against him. If you do, you should talk to him about it. Tell him how you feel and ask him to help you let go of it.

God is asking you to believe his message of salvation that Jesus is the Son of God who died for your sins, that he rose from the dead and conquered sin and death. If you repent, believe in him, and surrender to him, then your sins are forgiven, and you will have new eternal life that begins immediately in his kingdom community.

He is asking you to believe and receive this gospel and salvation for yourself.

Maybe you have barriers to believing the gospel. Perhaps your family planted other beliefs in you. Perhaps you have beliefs that conflict with what Jesus taught. Please consider which beliefs will lead to a new eternal life with God. It would be helpful to read one of the Gospels of Jesus’ life and decide if his teachings are true.

Maybe you are afraid you won’t have any pleasure in life anymore. Actually, you will have different pleasures that will be better than your old ones. You will also have some hard times when you follow Jesus, but he will bring you through them.

Maybe you want to make sure in your head before you believe in Jesus. It is good to take time to consider what Jesus says before you decide. But you can’t make absolutely sure by logic that it is all true. There is evidence that it is true. But that only brings you to the edge of the chasm; you still have to make a leap of faith. It’s normal to have some doubts when you make the leap. Once you leap, God will help your faith grow.

Prayer of belief in the gospel

God, I am willing to make the leap of faith. I believe that Jesus Christ was your divine Son who came to earth and lived a perfect life of love. I believe he died on the cross for my sins, and I receive the forgiveness of sins you are offering me. I believe that Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, thus conquering sin and death. I believe that you give an eternal life of love with you and your followers in your kingdom to those who repent, believe, and follow.

And Lord, when I say “I believe,” I don’t just mean that I agree in my mind that these things are true. I mean that I believe in my heart and that I receive these truths and your Son into my spirit. And even though I may have some unbelief, I still believe, and I ask you to help me with my unbelief.

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