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5. Surrender

Stage 5—Surrender: Letting Jesus Be Your Leader

The last stage in the process of salvation is surrender.This is not about cleaning up your life before you are saved; rather, it is deciding to start following Jesus and the way he lived life and letting him clean up your life. It means you are asking him to be your boss.

Actually, he will be a much better leader of your life than you are. He is all-powerful and all-knowing, and he loves you more than you love yourself. He leads with kindness and a servant’s heart. He will listen to you and values what you think and feel. He created you and knows what is best for your life.

But remember to count the cost before you choose to follow him. Surrender means you are giving your life to him. You are deciding to start following Jesus’ way of life. It means challenges and hard times as well as the joy and peace he puts in your heart.

If he is moving in your heart, then don’t be afraid to follow him. Take the leap.

Baptism is important because you are declaring that you are dying to your old life and surrendering to God so he can give you new life. It is a physical experience of a spiritual reality.

Remember that you will die eventually, perhaps sooner than later. Then it will be too late to come to Jesus. God will judge your life, and if you choose not to follow him on earth, you will spend eternity away from him. The things you cling to here will pass away when you die. Why cling to them when you can surrender to Jesus and have an eternal new life beginning now?

Prayer to surrender to Jesus and receive salvation

Lord Jesus, I have taken the time to count the cost of following you, and I want to begin to follow. I give up being in charge of my own life. I give up my control of everything, including my hobbies, habits, entertainment, money, sexuality, image, status, career, and especially relationships. I surrender them all to you and accept you as leader over my whole life. Help me to continue to more fully surrender everything to you.

I now fully receive you as my Savior and Lord. Fill me with your Holy Spirit.

Now that I have received the gospel with repentance, belief, and surrender, I thank you for my salvation. Thank you for eternal life. Thank you for adopting me as Your child, bringing me into your kingdom community, and uniting me with you and your followers. Thank you for baptism, in which I will experience this new reality.

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