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5 Stages - Short Version

[This is a template for salvation invitations. You can use it as is or adapt it as you wish.]

5 Stages Of Salvation – Short Version

The essentials for any salvation invitation.

By: Road to New Life Ministries

 Instructions: Consider each prayer separately. Say the prayer to God if you agree with it. (Don’t worry if you have some doubts as long as you choose to agree from your heart.) If you need more time at a certain stage then ask God for help. Wait as long as you need to in order to get ready. (You can remember the stages with the acronym SCRuBS: Separation-Christ-Repent-Believe-Surrender.)





God loves you and wants to lead you, make you whole and have a friendship with you. But everyone has broken God’s law of loving God and loving others (these are called “sins”). At times everyone has turned from God, been selfish, or pursued unhealthy pleasures. Our impurity separates us from God because he is perfectly pure so we can not have unity with him.


Prayer One

God, I admit I have broken your law of love and I am not pure. I have not followed you or treated others right. I confess my specific sins of (say your specific sins). I realize that I am not in right relationship with you but I want to be.




Jesus was born over 2,000 years ago and lived a perfect life. He was the Son of God, God in the flesh. The religious leaders had him crucified, but he died for our sins. He rose from the dead and conquered death. Whoever repents, believes and surrenders to him will be cleansed, reborn and saved for eternal life.


Prayer Two

Jesus[PJR1] , thank you for dying for my sins. I believe you are the Son of God, God in the flesh. I want to receive forgiveness of my sins, a new heart, and eternal life.




Prayer Three

God, I choose to turn away from my old life and turn to you. I turn away from running my own life without you and I turn away from pride and rebellion and destructive actions. I know I can’t completely stop doing these wrong things, but I choose to not embrace them and I turn to you to make me a new person.




Prayer Four


Jesus, I believe in you to forgive my sins. I believe what you taught and I believe in your death and resurrection. I receive salvation and eternal life through you.




Prayer Five

Jesus, I surrender my life to you and receive you as my leader.  Thank you for making me a child of God and for your Spirit living inside of me now.



If you said all five prayers from your heart then rejoice! Your sins are forgiven, you are a new child of God and you have eternal life!




You can have a free pdf download of the book that the 5 Stages of Salvation is taken from at . Put your cursor at the bottom right and hit the save button to download.



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