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The Road to New Life - The Way of Jesus of Nazareth
By Phil J Rehberg, from Pleasant Word Publishing

God Wants A Friendship With You!  

Are you or someone you care about ready for a new and better life? If so, this book is for you. The Road to New Life explains the pathway to all God wants for you and how you can receive it through a restored relationship with him. You can’t earn or buy God’s love and new eternal life, but they are free for the asking if you decide to follow the way of Jesus of Nazareth.God made you for a purpose, and he wants to help you live it and experience the peace and joy that go with it. As you travel this road toward God, you will see how valuable you are to him and how he longs to free you from shame, insecurity, and emptiness. He wants to heal pain and loneliness, and he wants to transform your life.

Whether you’re new to this journey with God or have traveled it for many years and want to better understand how to share it with others, this book is the perfect tool for understanding the story of God’s love for his people and how we have become separated from him and eternal life through sin. But it doesn’t stop there— it provides the essential steps to knowing God and seeing the wonderful things he will do in your life. Following him isn’t always easy, but it’s always better.

If you or a friend or loved one is searching for a more meaningful life or struggling with relationships, finances, loss, addiction, or any other crisis, God is waiting with inner security, acceptance, and love for you, just as you are. And he is inviting you to live with him and his followers in true community forever! Open this book, start down the road, and find the answers you’ve been looking for.


The Road to New Life: the Way of Jesus of Nazareth is a complete explanation of salvation through Jesus Christ. It takes seekers step-by-step through the salvation process, beginning with God's love and the problem of sin. The book examines Jesus' life and His work on the Cross, the issue of repentance, the need for faith, and true surrender to Jesus as Lord. Readers will receive the basics of following Jesus and understand the problem of weak salvation invitations. Chapters include questions for reflection and prayers to help the reader through the process of accepting and living for Christ. It also includes a chapter that summarizes the process of salvation and a chapter that explains the basics of living the Christian life.

The Road to New Life explains the gospel and the responses to its message in a complete way, filling a need that many other books don’t. The author helps the reader to understand what they are doing and to count the cost of becoming a follower of Jesus, avoiding the problem of quickie conversions that don't really change the heart.


This is an ideal gift for an unbeliever, or someone who said a prayer of salvation once but never really started following Jesus. It is also excellent for helping new believers confirm and solidify their faith. 

The Road to New Life also serves as the perfect training tool for Christian workers, teachers, evangelists, and missionaries as they learn, or teach others, how to effectively explain the gospel. It is especially helpful to youth workers.




Like you, we really want to spread the message of new life through Jesus. Therefore, we have made  The Road to New Life available for free to anyone involved with evangelism. We are very excited about this because we believe we can reach millions of people. The book is a careful explanation of each element of salvation through Jesus so people who respond to it will truly become followers of Jesus. It avoids the problem of weak salvation invitations that plague the church today.





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