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Knowing you have someone powerful on your side makes life a lot easier to live. "The Road to New Life: The Way of Jesus of Nazareth" is a guide to finding God and living your life with him on his side, to travel through one's life with God in mind to help you through your pain and the nonstop challenges that one constantly faces along the way. Thoughtful and driven reading, "The Road to New Life" holds a powerful message, highly recommended.  -  The Midwest Book Review



The Road to New Life is an invaluable resource, both to those seeking to renew their decisions to follow Christ and to those choosing Him for the first time.  It also serves as an excellent witnessing tool for Christians who want to learn how to effectively share their faith with others. Enriched with several real-life examples, this book will inspire some to surrender their lives to Christ, as well as provide a richer understanding of the deeper truths of the salvation message. Todd Rutherford, The Publishing Guru


Reader Reviews

The Road to New Life: The Way of Jesus of Nazareth explains the gospel message in the way I wish I could. Rehberg's clear, descriptive language is easily understood, but still conveys profound concepts. The opening explanation of the nature of God became a meditation for me. Masterfully, the author wove together the difficult theological ideas of the nature of God, the Trinity, and the nature of Love, into a beautiful tapestry. I was so taken with the God presented in the first few pages that I wanted to read more; I wanted to know more about this fascinating Being.

The language and thoughtfulness of The Road to New Life make it easily accessible to those seeking to know more about Christ. The clear and respectful tone of the book, make it a wonderful primer for those who long to share their faith. No matter where one is on the road, Phil Rehberg gives us a practical guide to the Jesus of Nazareth.  -  SJG

Well, last nite I began reading, and I finished the book today.  You must write more books!  I couldn't put it down.  You write so well, and so logically, and everything just flowed.  It really touched me.  One thing I notice about writers of nonfiction....I mainly read Christian that what they have to say is pretty well said in the first chapter or two.  The rest of the the book drags along, and it's almost like they keep writing and writing and writing just to fill pages.  With your book, it was pure meat start to finish.  -  NV

I loved The Road to New Life! Here is my review of the book and message to those who might see this sight. If you said a prayer to receive Jesus but not much happened then this book is for you. I made a decision to follow Jesus and to become a Christian when I was five years old in a Sunday school classroom. That was 33 years ago. Through my weakness and brokenness as a human I've been trying to follow Him ever since. Without going into detail I've failed many times and many ways and have consistently returned to Jesus and His righteousness. When I picked up The Road to New Life I expected it to be about false conversions and the failure of the Church in America. Instead, while reading the book on an airplane flight from Kansas City to Seattle and I found myself genuinely and without condemnation convicted about my own lack of submission to the leadership of Jesus. The Lord used this book to expose fear in my heart that prevented me from experiencing the freedom and love that comes as a result of trusting Jesus. With a strong desire to submit to His perfect leadership in a wholehearted way I sought professional counseling to help deal with my newly realized fear. The net result is that I have significantly more rest and peace in my inner man and I am a better father and husband. I am extremely grateful that my friend suggested that I read the Road to New Life. It's a simple book with the potential through the Holy Spirit to change hearts. If you want to know what a decision to follow Jesus really means or if you once prayed a prayer to receive Jesus and not much happened to I urge you to read this book. - DE

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