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Director Biography

Director Biography

Phil Rehberg began his Christian walk at age ten. Many years later, while attending law school, he had a near-death experience while river rafting. Realizing that he could die at any time, Phil committed himself more completely to Jesus. Phil practiced law for two years but was not satisfied – he wanted to do ministry. He left his hometown of Seattle and moved to Pasadena, California and enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary. There the Lord transformed his heart and gave him a great desire to love and minister to people.

After Seminary, Phil became the pastor of a small Evangelical Free congregation, where he preached for two years, until some intense spiritual battles prompted him to take a break. In 1991 Phil’s father died, leaving a small law practice. Phil took over the practice and turned it into a successful business. During this time he became involved as a layman with a Vineyard church, teaching a class for new Christians. In 1996 he sold his law practice so he could devote more time to ministry. Among his many teaching and serving opportunities, Phil led an effective emotional healing ministry where he saw dozens healed of deep wounds.

During this time Phil felt the Lord leading him to study the problem of American Christianity, and why it is so ineffective when it comes to transforming people. He recognized how weak salvation invitations actually were—that they often omitted conviction of sin, repentance, and surrender. That was the genesis of the book The Road to New Life.

In July 2004 Phil moved to Orange County, CA to do graduate studies in leadership and spiritual formation and to continue writing. 

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